Single Room No. 16

An excellent solution for a vacation on a trip is a single room at the Orzu Hotel, which is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. At your disposal is a chic single bed, a work area (desk), free Wi-fi, air conditioning, refrigerator, bathroom, TV for watching your favorite movies and a wardrobe.

A buffet breakfast is served every morning at the hotel

Excellent mood and comfort in the rooms of Orzu Hotel is our main task.

Daily price
  • For citizens of Uzb: 315 000 sum.
  • For non-residents: 500 000 sum.
  • Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT.
To book

Room features

  • The room is equipped with a chic single bed.
  • Big TV
  • Desk
  • Fridge
  • Bathroom
  • Wardrobe

The price includes:

  • Wake up to a specific time
  • Breakfast
  • Free wifi
  • Ironing room